Henderson Family in Madera Canyon, Arizona by Lauren Bailey

On Saturday I had the privilege to photograph a beautiful family in Madera Canyon, a short drive just east of Green Valley and Sahuarita, Arizona . The Hendersons, with wife Elizabeth and husband Joel along with their 3 children, made the trip into the canyon with us right before sunset. I always feel especially blessed when I can connect with families who already have a noticeably special bond between each other. To be part of that, even for two hours, is another part of being a professional photographer that I deeply cherish. Being able to capture images like these to give back to them reminds me how much more I love doing this as a passion than because it's "just a job." Doing this to pay bills is the added benefit, not the other way around. Being blessed to be a part of something special is where it's at.

A beginning. by Lauren Bailey

And so it begins, I’m finally able to passionately pursue the very thing that has captivated me: photography.  My desire to capture the often illusive essence of light, in all its shadows and forms, has brought me to a place where I can confidently share these images with the rest of the world. I know I’ll fail miserably. I know I’ll have some success at getting exposure and composition just right. But what look forward to most is being able to connect with people on that simple, intimate level when they look at the image I captured of them and watch their childlike, unembarassed smile light up as much as the sunlight that birthed the photo. That’s the “Ahh.” moment I live for. It’s fleeting, as quickly as life is fleeting.  If I can share in that tiny moment is about all I could ask for. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to capture a slice of eternity in that unexpected smile. - Lauren Grace